Frequent Questions

Successful Watering Habits
Water in the early morning hours.
After an application….
  • No activity on the lawn until the application has dried.
  • Please apply at least a 1/2″ of water after the fertilizer application has dried.
  • Water your lawn within two days after fertilizer has been applied.
  • Please do not mow until the fertilizer application has been watered into the lawn.
When should I plant grass seed?
We recommend planting grass seed in mid-August through September. We suggest that you wait until the new sprouts are of mowing height before an herbicide is applied.
How will the fertilizer effect my pet?
You should allow for your application of fertilizer to dry before allowing pets onto the lawn.
What should I do about mushrooms in my lawn?
Mushrooms are a fungi that may be considered a nuisance but do not cause damage to a lawn. If you do not want mushrooms in your lawn, they can be hand-harvested with rubber gloves into a sealable bag and thrown away. Mushrooms are found in cool, moist, areas and will go away as conditions get warmer and more dry.
AHow soon should I see results?
You should expect to see results from our weed control within two (during warmer weather) to three (during cooler weather) weeks. You should expect to see results from fertilizer being put on the lawn within 14 days.
Successful Mowing Habits
  • Mow every 4-7 days.
  • Keep your mower blade sharp.
  • Remove no more that 1/4 to 1/3 of the plant each time you mow.
  • Mow at a height of 3-3 1/2″ all season long. To ensure that you are mowing at 3-3 1/2″, place your mower on a level paved surface and measure form the surface to the blade. A 1,2, or 3 printed on a mower deck will not necessarily represent inches. Keeping your lawn mowed at  3 1/2 inches will promote deeper roots and reduce stress during summer.
  • Avoid trimming along the edges with a string trimmer or edger. This practice usually exposes soil to sunlight, drying out the soil and reducing the effectiveness of the pre-emergent that is applied with our first application of the season. This will allow for weeds to grow in those areas especially during the summer mothers. Lawn edging/trimming should be done during September or October only.